Greetings, Sir … my name is Lana. 

I am an Independent Upscale Companion in the Eastern Hemisphere.

Currently in Dubai & FlyMeToYou to GCC. 
* India in September *

𓂀  Follow my social media for updates:

Twitter/Instagram @Flowers_Willows


Let me introduce myself more thoroughly…

I am a slim, blue-eyed blonde with delicate skin. My lifestyle revolves around maintaining my physical well-being through activities like gym workouts, yoga, outdoor pursuits, and indulging in spa retreats. I prioritize health by avoiding smoking and excessive tanning.

A quintessential “city girl,” I blend a reserved demeanour with a hint of bohemian flair. Social gatherings, elegant attire, and engaging conversations appeal to me, though I also cherish occasional escapes to the wilderness. I hold a degree in mountaineering and have been skiing since childhood.

In terms of interests, I possess some professional background in the art realm but crave further artistic exploration. I find solace in nature, am captivated by folklore and mythology, I enjoy travelling, frequenting art galleries, piano bars, and relaxing rooftop pools. Playful flirtation and seduction during drinks or dinners intrigue me. Care to join in the fun? 😉

In my quest for quality over quantity, I seek the company of a generous, attentive gentleman for enriching experiences. My goal is to craft unforgettable moments that transcend mere escapism – fostering a discreet, romantic companionship filled with sensuality, emotion, and aesthetics that enhance both our lives. Free from the usual pressures and monotony of traditional dating.

Whether you’re well-versed in companionship or taking your first steps, I find extended engagements to be more fulfilling. They provide the space for us to truly unwind, escape the outside world, and delve deeper into each other, weaving our own reality. I eagerly anticipate the enchanting adventures ahead. 😉

Feel free to peruse my website to gain deeper insights into who I am and view more of my photos. To arrange a rendezvous, kindly extend an invitation via the booking form or email, including all pertinent details.

Warm regards, Lana xoxo …

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